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    This song has been on repeat for a week.

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    Breaking up with someone is like waking up in the morning. You don’t want to stop dreaming but it will happen eventually. At first it’s shitty but eventually you’ll get out of bed even if you’re a little groggy. Then you’ll take a shower and maybe eat some cereal and before you know it, you’re wide awake and you can’t even fully remember what you dreamt last night. And the day goes on and then you get sleepy again and find someone to fall asleep with again.

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  7. Beautiful smiles

    Do you ever love someone’s smile but not because of how straight their teeth are or how white they are or how their cheeks make little dimples or how their chin clenches or how their eyes squint or how their nose crinkles or anything like that… You just love their smile because you love them and smiling means they are happy and their happiness is just the most beautiful thing in the world to you.

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    step 1: make girl laugh
    step 2: make girl moan

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