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    Ryoji Ikeda

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  3. Anonymous said: Can you list your favorite artists?

    Yeah! Well if you’re talking about music artists, Kanye is G.O.A.T. and kendrick is up there too, but I’ve got favorites in just about every field of art….

    street: banksy / SAMO

    paint: jean michel basquiat / george condo

    sculpture: val hergarty 

    performance art: marina abramoviç

    graphic artist: chip kidd 

    film: arronofsky / tarantino / w anderson / kubrick

    lit: palahniuk

    …to name a few.. haha

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    A glimpse of what is to come in my minicomic ‘Cash

    View more of Cash here: http://jesselucas.com/cash

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  6. My friends think i’m secretive, but really I just feel like nobody cares about the happenings in my life so I don’t want to be annoying talking about myself all the time…


  7. thank God I’m atheist


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    Photographed by Irving Penn for US Vogue, June 1996

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    Graham Dean - Close-Up Kiss, watercolor on paper, 1988

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    This song has been on repeat for a week.

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